I am a iPh.D. student of Economics and Social Science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I received my B.A. from Benedictine College in 2010. Christianity and economics are my two great passions. I dedicate this blog toward the promotion and greater understanding of Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

As an economist, I believe in neither pure capitalism nor socialism. In their extremes, individualism and collectivism are what Pope Pius XI called the twin rocks of shipwreck. I support private property, personal initiative, full employment, just wages, decent working conditions, and a more just distribution of wealth and income both nationally and internationally. I also believe that our good consists of more than material prosperity and that riches can be and often are an obstacle to our morality.

I am also a heterodox economist. I support alternative interdisciplinary views of economics (including CST) that have largely been disregarded by the mainstream. I believe orthodox economics has many shortcomings and is a part of our economic problems.

I support neither democrat nor republican views in entirety. I believe that both parties fall short of the aims presented by Catholic Social Teaching. I believe firmly in the principles of solidarity and charity, and believe that our government should be modeled on the principle of subsidiarity always striving for justice and the common good.

I will comment more on economics related issues than on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, etc. because I am an economist. I do care deeply about these issues, but I am sure there are better places to go to read about 'less-economics related' social issues.

I wish to engage in a conversation about socioeconomic issues from a Catholic perspective with Catholics, Christians, and anyone interested in social justice and the common good. Debate should be friendly and with a view to the other's good always respecting their dignity as a human no matter their position. I am very against ad hominem attacks and name calling. They are not helpful in illuminating Church teaching or economics and only alienate those who are attacked.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me at adbinder24@yahoo.com. Thank you for reading!