Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dignity of all Work

My job at a local restaurant this summer served as a great reminder to me that dignity can be found in all* vocations, including something seemingly as insignificant as a dishwasher or cook at a small restaurant in western Kansas. Many of my co-workers were there simply for a paycheck, but they also made it possible for many weary travelers to take a break from their long journeys or for families to share time together and enjoy a nice meal.

Even the seemingly most insignificant occupations that many believe make little to no contribution to the overall welfare of the society do indeed have dignity and value. The people who occupy these positions were also created with the same dignity as doctors, civil servants, missionaries, and priests and should therefore not be looked down upon as something less than important.

So, the next time you eat at a restaurant, or observe another "lowly" vocation, consider passing on your gratitude for the work that they do with a simple thank you and a smile. A little gesture might go a long way!

*=I had to qualify "all" vocations as not including unauthentic "work" such as selling drugs, distributing pornography, etc. These occupations do not have dignity and are not considered true work in the Christian sense of the word. However, the people within these occupations still very much have dignity and should be thought of as no less than those serving within authentic vocations. The need for their conversion is just ever more pressing as their "work" takes them farther from God.

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