Monday, November 1, 2010

Material Mortality

With today being All Saints Day and tomorrow All Souls Day, we remember, honor, and ask for prayers from the many holy men and women who have gone before us as disciples of Christ. We are also reminded of our mortality and the ever-present potentiality of death.

It is also a reminder to not spend our time striving after or worrying about the accumulation of material goods. Our material goods do not pass with us into eternal life when we die, they are but means to help us live a life worthy of Christ on earth. If we do not use our computers, cars, etc. for the good of all, for the building up of charity and all virtue, then they are obstructing us from our true purpose. Attachment to earthly goods is idolatry and a very common one in our society. If we do not exercise our control over them, then they exercise control over us.

It is good to reflect often on how we use our material goods and whether or not we are too attached to them, but especially on this day of remembrance of those who built their store in heavenly goods.

As St. Benedict advises us, keep death before your eyes daily. It is good to be grateful for the many material blessings that God has given us, and recognize that it could be otherwise, but that either way, we are still able to live as Christ taught us, living as though today is our last. For we put our hope in a life full of happiness that no amount of material goods will ever give us. One in which we can share with the holy men and women whom we remember this day.

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