Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Republicans and Healthcare Part 2

A commenter makes a good point on a previous post:

Just a general observation I wanted to throw out there. It seems in a lot of the articles I've read there is a tendency to group those are opposed to the current health care bill with those opposed to universal health care. I side with the Catholic bishops in that I am opposed to the current health care program due to its inclusion of federally funded abortions, but agree that providing universal health care for all members of society is needed.

I intend to remain neutral from a political standpoint. I do not mean to group those opposed to healthcare with those opposed to this particular healthcare bill. I hope to make plain what the Church teaches and encourage faithful action on our part. I, too, am with our Bishops.

I think it is a weakness of Republicans that they bash "obamacare", often for things other than abortion funding which is the main fault from a Catholic perspective, yet they don't propose a solution to the problem (lack of healthcare for the poor) themselves. If they have, please make it known to me. All I hear is it increases the power of government, increases the deficit/debt, takes away from hard-working small business owners, etc.

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