Thursday, March 17, 2011

Capitalistic Idolatry

I highly recommend this post from the "Vox Nova" blog. You can find the entire post here.

Here are a few highlights:
In capitalistic societies, wealth is deemed as the ultimate good which we should seek to possess. Wealth clearly has been made into an idol, and people are willing to sacrifice many things to attain it (including the livelihood of other people).

Riches bring all kinds of trials and temptations to them, making it difficult for those who have them to find salvation.

The Church does not condemn wealth, but its abuse, either in its idolization, or with those who support its unjust distribution, an injustice which ruins the lives of the weak and the poor, causing them to needlessly suffer.

If we have been given wealth, we have been given it to be its steward, to help in the distribution of wealth so that all get what is needed.
We convert our wealth by using it for the common good. We must remember, whatever wealth we have been given is not really ours, but God’s. To try to take it and assume absolute authority over it is to claim to be like God. As Christians, let us make sure we are not be seduced by that tree, by that fruit, ever again.

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