Friday, July 8, 2011

Recovery or Double-Dip?

It's still amazing how economists and politicians keep predicting a recovery, in the face of overwhelming evidence that indicates otherwise.

June swoon: Economy added almost no jobs last month

It's hard to understand why this news still "comes as a shock" to economists. They continue to ignore the explanation of modern money and government finance given repeatedly by MMT'ers.

I posted just a few weeks ago about the likelihood of a double-dip recession, or at the very least a lack of recovery given the lack of overall demand and spending. And since the government shows no signs of backing off its austerity push, I stand behind my belief that the economy will continue to remain quite stagnant with little to no gains, and quite possibly more losses, in the job market.

The government isn't crowding out private spending, which I would say will be obvious to everyone when cuts in government spending don't bring about the growth in jobs politicians say will happen, but I'm not sure they will get that message. Instead, they might call for even more cuts! Oye!

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